Our Classes

Physique Exercise Salon works to find an exercise regime that works for everyone! Whether it be our group classes or a private, one on one, session you will find the workout that is best for you. We offer Pilates classes on the reformer machines. We have six machines, so classes are small and intimate.We also have yoga and Barre classes. Another excellent workout we provide would be our TRX classes. TRX incorporates the suspension trainer to use your body weight against gravity to work the muscles. We want to help you reach your fitness goals, whether it be to lose weight and tone your body or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also ask us about our health coaching services!

Our group pilates reformer classes use all functions of the reformer machine to give an excellent core strengthening and muscle lengthening workout. There are two types of reformer classes offered: the Classic reformer class and the Core & Cardio class. The Classic reformer class uses all of the classic pilates exercises as well as some modern takes on the moves to tone and stretch. The Core & Cardio class uses the jumpboard to add a cardio aspect to the classic class.

The Barre classes incorporate ballet, pilates and yoga to tone and tighten the muscles in the legs, arms and torso. This workout has cardio spurts to keep the heartrate up and provide maximum calorie burn.

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