Pilates for Athletes

There seems to be an ideology about Pilates being easy or for the injured. While Pilates can be made to be very restorative and rehabilitative this ideology is completely wrong. While I was doing my Pilates training, my younger brother was playing high school football. He was weight lifting and conditioning and working hard to get into tip top shape. He kept making fun of me and would tell me I would only ever work with grandmas. I brought him to use as a test subject and let my master instructor show him a thing or two. We had this prime teenage boy sweating bullets!

I recently gained a client who played football in college and a few seasons as a pro. He has maintained his strength through heavy weight lifting but recently realized his lack of flexibility and need for more core strength. At first I was honestly intimidated. I thought to myself how am I going to coordinate a workout that will challenge him when he can leg press 600+ lbs easily. Well let me tell you! I had to mop the floors around the reformer when we got done. I had him doing short spine and and spinal articulation like bridging and this was challenging for him. Sometimes athletes who are used to weight lifting and doing 8-10 reps and resting are not used to sustaining muscle engagement while trying to slowly move the body.

I look forward to seeing his flexibility increase and hear how our Pilates sessions enable him to lift weights more efficiently!

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