Pilates Group Reformer Classes

Physique Exercise Salon is known for the group Pilates reformer classes. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome. Our expert trainers are able to offer modifications to exercises to fit every clients’ needs. We have 6 reformer machines, so group sessions are intimate. We aim to keep classes small so that individual attention is still given to every participant. A variety of class types and times are available. Reservations are required and space is limited so please contact us to reserve your spot or sign up using our online reservation system!

Classic Reformer- Our classic reformer class is taught with the foundation of Pilates principles in mind. This class will lengthen, strengthen and stretch your muscles. It runs 55 minutes in length and provides a full body workout that can be modified for every body and fitness level.

Core & Cardio- Our Core & Cardio class is a higher intensity version of the classic class. In this version, we utilize the jumpboard to offer a more challenging leg workout. We also put more emphasis on working the core and abdominal muscles, all while providing a full body workout. This class is also 55 minutes in length and can be modified as necessary.

*We ask that you wear comfortable clothing to all group classes, no shoes are required for class. Please refrain from wearing lotions or oils on skin during class. Please silence cell phones to ensure no disruption of classes.