Skinny people don’t eat!

Okay first things first…this is an inside joke with my dad. He always says, “skinny people don’t eat.” I now know differently. I come from a large Italian family and most get togethers involve food. Lots of food. We are always planning the next meal and worried if we will have enough. We take care of each other by feeding each other. Food not only feeds the body but the soul.
I have a confession to make. I am not the epitome of healthy eating every second of my life. I have a sugar addiction that I fight daily if not hourly sometimes. Being the owner of a Pilates studio, I naturally love helping people be the best they can be! I took a health coaching course through the Integrative Nutrition School to better my knowledge and be able to assist my clients further with their weight loss and health goals.
I have another confession to make, I do not have some great weight loss story to share with you saying I lost a significant amount of weight. I am vertically challenged standing at 5’2″ on a good day with voluminous hair. Being short, there is not a lot of room for excess weight. I had been a yoyo dieter my whole life. I experimented with trendy fad diets, leaving out carbs, trying to avoid sugar for a week before a big event. I would drive myself crazy. Even worse, I would lose a couple pounds and feel good about myself and think I deserved a reward in the form of unhealthy foods. I would keep rewarding until the weight was back on start the cycle over. I didn’t have any balance or control.
I have since teamed up with Market America to be a Transitions Lifestyle Systems (TLS) coach. We utilize a low glycemic impact menu plan and shoot for altering your way of eating for life, not just for a ‘diet’ amount of time.
My goal is to help you understand why your body needs food to fuel your metabolism and burn fat. The right kinds of food that is. Starvation and elimination will not work. Skinny people or lets start calling them healthy people do eat and they eat a lot more than you might think!

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